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The Eternal Realtionship

Mundane realtionships do not last. Some are congenial - "until death do we part." Others, so often, bring disappointment and end in one's search of quest of finding the "perfect match."

While we constantly try to adjust to the ever changing drama of our lives, created from the karma of our previous lives, if one is most fortunate, they may try to search for that eternal relationship that we all have with God. That is all-perfect, and simply covered by many lifetimes of forgetfullness and distractions of the mind toward the mundane.

Here is a short story/film about a person, frustrated with a personal break-up with someone, happend to journey to India, and to a small town in India, Vrindavan, which happens to be the holiest place in India and a great feuge for finding that perfect relationship that our souls are always in searh. Vrindavan is the appearance place of Lord Krishna, 5,000 years ago. It is a highly recommended destination that everyone should take, at least once in your lifetime.

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