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Sedona Bhakti-Yoga Retreats

Retreat Dates 2021:

March 12, 13, 14

Get away, and recharge your spiritual batteries!

Our bhakti-yoga retreat includes: 

*vegetarian meals 2X daily; *classes in ancient Vedic texts

*learn sacred chants & kirtan; *jappa meditation; *yoga; *Indian musical instrument lessons; *swimming (summer) & *hiking through

Sedona vortexes; accomodations (you must rent your own)

Retreat costs total - only $250 per person!


Retreat begins Friday (3/12) 8a.m; Retreat ends Sunday (3/14) 5p.m.

Retreat fee donation should be paid in full by February 26th.

- Minimum five persons per retreat; maximum 12 -

Note: Retreat cost is a suggested donation, and is fully refundable

up to March 8th, 2021

Yes, please enroll me

in your retreat!

Price of retreat mentioned above

is suggested donation

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Retreat Reviews:

"Compassionate Heart Productions recently hosted an A Course In Miracles Retreat at The Vedic Ranch Ashram. The location is a slice of Heaven on earth. We studied, prayed and meditated together each morning as the ranch came to life with hummingbirds and the awakening of the herd of goats and cows. The animals are gentle and we enjoyed interacting with them. The ranch aspect of the ashram provides an opportunity to marvel at the glory of creation. Dasarath fed us a stream of meals that had participants praising God around the table. We decided that each meal was the best one. We were surrounded by a reflection of love, beauty and peace. The Ashram, Dasarath and his helper Gaura are like bothers we have always known. We had a miraculous experience and look forward to our return."


Rev. Pamela Whitman

Founder - Compassionate Heart Productions

May - 2017 / acimconferencecalls.com

Rev. Pamela Whitman

- Retreat pics-

Join us for a transcendental experience

Bhakti-yoga retreat! Sign up today!





Cow protection

Sunset bliss





Indian music instrument lessons

harmonium, kartals (hand cymbals), tamboura


Vegetarian cooking

Retreat cost prices suggested donation.

* The picture below was taken at our old location

Kirtaniyas visit Vedic Ranch 2014

This effort is being sponsored by the Sedona Center of Vedic Culture, which is meant to be a huge project, showcaseing the ancient spiritual culture of India. Vedic culture means bhakti-yoga, and bhakti-yoga means the easiest and most practical method of meditation. By chanting the sacred mantras, one can experience immediate relief from all material distress and feel themself transported back to the spiritual sky. This is the benefit of the process of bhakti in the yoga system.  Meditation, and the benefits one gets from the practice of other yoga systems are all said to contained with bhakti-yoga, the yoga of loving devotional service to the Supreme. The Sedona Center of Vedic Culture is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. All donations are tax deductable.

© 2014 by Real Bhakti-Real Yoga.

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