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Starship Mantra: Is There Life On Other Planets?

The theory that life may exist on other planets, has fascinated the human mind for countless millenia. Are we alone in the universe, supposing our imperfect mechanical measurememnts in space or finite egos, can verify or even accomodate any notion of life foms beyond the earth planet? Or does every planet of this universe and others, like islands in space, support life in different types of atmospheres, attaining to which the permanent living beings, the jivatmas, reside there embodied in matter, of subtle or gross natural designs, awarded by the controllers of the universe, according to their previous karma (past life actions and reactions) and material desires?

This song video, Starship Mantra, by the Red Rock Rishis, explores the dimension told of in India's ancient Vedic wisdom, of that Supreme realm beyond the limited juridisction of sense perception, that can be experienced through transcendental sound vibration, by any sincere being, uttered in humility, sincerity, and devotion, with the desire for union or yoga with the Absoulute souce and the Cause of all causes. Open your mind, your heart, and the door to freedom from the temporary world of duality and anxiety, to the world and unlimited dimension of Vaikuntha, the anti-material world!

Listen, absorb, chant along. Purify consciousness thru transcendental sound vibration. You will know the answer. It is simply covered, within your own being.

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