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Eating Healthy & Wise and The Meat Video

There is so much information out there, that eating meat is harmful to the environment, harmful to our health, and is just not good economic sense.

What to speak of the destructive power that eating meat brings, in the cruelty, suffering, and death, to billions of innocent animals, just so that the "two legged" animal of man can put some dead corpse on his tongue.

Not thinking of all the other important ramifications of the meat industry and its destructive power on the planet, all such a callous person can say is - "....but I like the taste of meat".

The following is a 12 minute video of some of the graphic cruelty that goes on in a slaughterhouse, just so we can get that "good flavor" in our mouths. If there is any video out there, that could convince people to stop eating meat, this is probably the one!

(Viewer discretion advised):

Ex-Beatle Paul McCartney has been famous for saying:

"If slaughter houses were made of glass blocks, we would all be vegetarian."

In the following 15 minute video, Paul explains why he went vegetarian:

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