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NAU Bhakti-Yoga & Vegetarian Cooking Club

This new organization and club of the Northern Arizona University, is open to all students. We plan to acquaint you with the ancient spiritual yoga texts and practices, mantra meditation, and the endless vairites of India's vegetarian cuisine to become an expert cook*. And yes, we will teach you a few asannas and pranayama.

To become a member, or an occasional and curious visitor, look for our announcements for dates of meetings and cooking demonstrations. Participation is free.

* A delicious vegetarian meal will be served after all vegetarian cooking classes for a suggested donation of $4.00.

Also after the cooking class, there will be musical mantra meditation and a discussion of the Vedic wisdom and philosophy for those who wish to stay a little longer. Cooking classes will begin at 6:30 pm on Wednesdays starting October 22nd. (location to be announced)


6:00 - vegetarian cooking demonstraion and participation

7:30 - vegetarian meal

8:15 - (in addition to the class) chanting and philosophy

9:00 - finished

Class will be taught by Purusa das and Radha dasi.

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