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Beyond the Material Universe

What is this universe we live in? Why do so many living beings come into existence, perish, yet so many others, countless living entities, visit this psace for a short time, and also disappear? What is the purpose? The universe has an intelligent design. Does this imply an intelligence behind its working?

The Vedic literature, ancient spiritual sanskrit texts that are thousands of years old, contain much information about this suject. They describe this material universe as one of millions, and that all are simply a transitory "shadow" of another anti-material world of permanence, full bliss, and knowledge, where we all originate from as fully conscious beings.

Find out more. On the first page of this website, "home", you may click on the ancient text of the Srimad Bagavatam, the post graduate study of transcendental knowledge, and discover answers to man's deepest questions. It also fully explains the science of bhakti-yoga, and guides one how to transcend the limits of material enegy, to experience the sat cit ananda energy of the soul and God.

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