These are some handcrafted jappa mala made i n the town of Vrindavan, India's holiest of places. There are 108 beads plus a head bead on the mala. The 108 beads signify the 108 Upanisads, and also the chief gopis of Lord Krishna in the spiritual world.
Tulasi mala is $25. A small simple wooden mala made of mango wood, is $7.

Jappa Mala - chanting beads

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    This effort is being sponsored by the Sedona Center of Vedic Culture, which is meant to be a huge project, showcaseing the ancient spiritual culture of India. Vedic culture means bhakti-yoga, and bhakti-yoga means the easiest and most practical method of meditation. By chanting the sacred mantras, one can experience immediate relief from all material distress and feel themself transported back to the spiritual sky. This is the benefit of the process of bhakti in the yoga system.  Meditation, and the benefits one gets from the practice of other yoga systems are all said to contained with bhakti-yoga, the yoga of loving devotional service to the Supreme. The Sedona Center of Vedic Culture is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. All donations are tax deductable.

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